Benchmark- Synonyms, Antonyms, and Sentences

Synonyms and Antonyms For Benchmark:

Benchmark Meaning- Refers to a standard or point of reference used for comparison or evaluation.

Benchmark Definition- A benchmark is a standard or reference point used for comparison, measurement, or evaluation. It serves as a point of reference against which the performance, quality, or characteristics of something else can be assessed. Benchmarks can be used in various fields and contexts, such as technology, finance, project management, or statistics, to objectively measure and compare performance, track progress, set goals, or analyze trends.

Synonyms For Benchmark:
Antonyms For Benchmark:
Benchmark Sentence Examples:

The new smartphone’s processing speed sets a benchmark for the industry.

The Government Pension Scheme delivers exceedingly good returns compared to benchmarks.

Benchmarks for ease of doing research will be developed so that research activities are adequately funded.

New Zealand has set a benchmark for itself with its monumental victory against Australia in the first test match.

The educational institution compares its students’ scores to national benchmarks to assess their academic proficiency.

The stock market index serves as a benchmark for measuring the overall performance of the market.

Soaring American stocks benchmark sets the economy towards reaching new highs.

The company uses customer satisfaction as a benchmark to evaluate the effectiveness of its services.

Banks have been using internal benchmarks so that the benefit of policy rate cuts doesn’t reach the borrowers completely.

The quality control department uses rigorous standards as benchmarks to maintain product excellence.

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