GK Compilation From SSC CGL Exam 2015

GK Compilation From SSC CGL Exam 2015:

1. Internal Economies
(A) arise when there is an expansion in internal trade
(B) arise when there is an expansion in an industry
(C) arise in an economy as it makes progress
(D) accrue to a firm when it expand its output

Ans: accrue to a firm when it expand its output (D)

2. X-rays can be used
(A) to detect defects in precious stones and diamonds
(B) for cutting and welding of metals
(C) to detect heart diseases
(D) to detect gold under the Earth

Ans: to detect defects in precious stones and diamonds (A)

3. The term brown air is used for
(A) Sulfurous smog
(B) Acid fumes
(C) Photochemical smog
(D) Industrial smog

Ans: Photochemical smog (C)

4. Most commonly used bleaching agent is
(A) Sodium chloride
(B) Chlorine
(C) Alcohol
(D) Carbon dioxide

Ans: Chlorine (B)

5. Which of the following river does not originate in Indian territory?
(A) Mahanadi
(B) Brahmaputra
(C) Ganga
(D) Satluj

Ans: Brahmaputra (B)

6. Which of the following is not a Union Territory?
(A) Nagaland
(B) Puducherry
(C) Lakshadweep
(D) Dadra and Nagar Haveli

Ans: Nagaland (A)

7. The Panchayat Samiti remains accountable for its functions to
(A) Zilla Parishads
(B) The Gram Panchayats and Gram Sabhas
(C) Janpad Panchayats
(D) Anchal Panchayats

Ans: Zilla Parishads (A)

8. Which one of the following animals belongs to Mollusca?
(A) Haliotis
(B) Hare
(C) Hydra
(D) Hyla

Ans: Haliotis (A)

9. Outside the nucleus DNA is found in
(A) Endoplasmic reticulum
(B) Golgi bodies
(C) Mitochondria
(D) Ribosome

Ans: Mitochondria (C)

10. Photoperiodism affects
(A) Fruiting
(B) Vegetative growth
(C) Flowering
(D) All of these

Ans: All of these (D)

11. The maximum fixation of solar energy is done by
(A) Green plants
(B) Bacteria
(C) Fungi
(D) Protozoa

Ans: Green plants (A)

12. The velocity of sound in moist air is more than in dry air because the moist air has
(A) less pressure than dry air
(B) less density than dry air
(C) more pressure than dry air
(D) more density than dry air

Ans: less density than dry air (B)

13. What happens when a drop of glycerol is added to crushed KMnO4 spread on a paper?
(A) There is a crackling sound
(B) There is no reaction
(C) The paper ignites
(D) There is a violent explosion

Ans: The paper ignites (C)

14. The legislative gains a priority over the executive in
(A) A Presidential Government
(B) A Parliamentary Government
(C) An Authoritarian Government
(D) A Federal Government

Ans: A Parliamentary Government (B)

15. The legislature in a democratic country can influence public opinion by
(A) Focusing attention on public issues
(B) Granting rights
(C) Defining the duties of the citizens
(D) Enacting non-controversial laws

Ans: Focusing attention on public issues (A)

16. The ship-building yard-Mazagaon Dock is located at
(A) Mumbai
(B) Kolkata
(C) Vishakapatnam
(D) Kochi

Ans: Mumbai (A)

17. The South-East trade winds are attracted towards the Indian sub-continent in the rainy season due to
(A) the effect of easterlies
(B) the presence of low atmospheric pressure over North-West India
(C) the effect of Northern-East trade winds
(D) the development of cyclone over the equator

Ans: the presence of low atmospheric pressure over North-West India (B)

18. One of the features of a free-market economy is
(A) rationing and price control
(B) consumer’s sovereignty
(C) public ownership of factors of production
(D) active state intervention

Ans: consumer’s sovereignty (B)

19. The longest continental Railway in the world is
(A) Canadian Pacific Railway
(B) Trans Siberian Railway
(C) Trans Atlantic Railway
(D) Canadian National Railway

Ans: Trans Siberan Railway (B)

20. Allantois of Embryo helps in
(A) digestion
(B) protection
(C) respiration
(D) excretion

Ans: excretion (D)

21. Which hill station name means the place of the thunderbolt?
(A) Darjeeling
(B) Oottacamand
(C) Shillong
(D) Gangtok

Ans: Darjeeling (A)

22. Rearranging and allocating space in memory to provide for multiple computing tasks is called
(A) Multiprogramming
(B) Multitasking
(C) Networking
(D) Memory Management

Ans: Memory Management (D)

23. The graded profile of a river course is a
(A) a smooth curve in the lower course
(B) a smooth curve in the middle course
(C) a smooth curve from source to mouth
(D) a smooth curve in the upper course

Ans: a smooth curve from source to mouth (C)

24. Agha Khan Cup is related to which of the following sport event?
(A) Table Tennis
(B) Football
(C) Hockey
(D) Cricket

Ans: Hockey (C)

25. Which among the following is not a Bretton Woods Institution?
(A) Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development (O.E.C.D)
(B) World Bank
(C) International Monetary Fund
(D) None of these

Ans: Hockey (C)

26. The birthday of which of the following leader is celebrated as Teachers Day in India?
(A) Lala Lajpat Rai
(B) Dr. C.Rajagopalchari
(C) Dr. S.Radhakrishnan
(D) Dr. Rajendra Prasad

Ans: Dr. S.Radhakrishnan (C)

27. Sinkhole is a phenomenon of_____________topography.
(A) Karst
(B) Plain
(C) Desert
(D) Tundra

Ans: Karst (A)

28. Match the following:

(A) Ascorbic acid(1) Photosynthetic pigment
(B) Cholorophyll(2) Quencher
(C) Carotenoid(3) Enzyme
(D) Superoxide dismutase(4) Vitamin-C

(A) A-4, B-1, C-2, D-3
(B) A-4, B-2, C-1, D-3
(C) A-4, B-1, C-3, D-2
(D) A-2, B-4, C-1, D-3

Ans: A-4, B-1, C-2, D-3 (A)

29. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched?
(A) Harshavardhana- Hiuen Tsang
(B) Chanakya- Chandragupta
(C) Akbar- Todarmal
(D) Vikramaditya- Chaitanya

Ans: Vikramaditya- Chaitanya (D)

30. If the President wants to resign from his office, he may do so by writing to the
(A) Vice President
(B) Speaker of Lok Sabha
(C) Prime Minister
(D) Chief Justice of India

Ans: Vice President (A)

31. Which of the following is FALSE with respect to rainwater harvesting?
(A) It increases run-off loses
(B) It helps meet rising water demand
(C) It helps to raise the water table
(D) It is a device of water conservation

Ans: It increases run-off loses (A)

32. The award given for outstanding performance in sports is
(A) Dronacharya Award
(B) Padma Shri Award
(C) Bharat Ratna
(D) Arjuna Award

Ans: Arjuna Award (D)

33. Electric current is measured using which of the following instrument?
(A) Wattmeter
(B) Ammeter
(C) Voltmeter
(D) Anemometer

Ans: Ammeter (B)

33. Hydrogen peroxide is an effective sterilizing agent. Which one of the following product results when it readily loses active oxygen?
(A) Water
(B) Nasant Hydrogen
(C) Hydrogen
(D) Ozone

Ans: Water (A)

34. The greatest king of the Pratihara dynasty was
(A) Vatsaraj
(B) Nagbhatta II
(C) Mihir Bhoja
(D) Dantidurga

Ans: Mihir Bhoja (C)

35. Equilibrium price in the market is determined by the
(A) equality between marginal cost and the average cost
(B) equality between average cost and average revenue
(C) equality between total cost and total revenue
(D) equality between marginal cost and marginal revenue

Ans: equality between marginal cost and marginal revenue (D)

36. Peroxyacetyl nitrate is a
(A) Secondary Pollutant
(B) Vitamin
(C) Plant Hormone
(D) Acidic Dye

Ans: Secondary Pollutant (A)

37. Who was the founder of the Lodhi Dynasty?
(A) Bahlol Lodhi
(B) Ibrahim Lodhi
(C) Sikander Lodhi
(D) Daulat Khan Lodhi

Ans: Bahlol Lodhi (A)

38. Gross National Product – Depreciation Allowance =
(A) Personal Income
(B) Per Capita Income
(C) Net National Product
(D) Gross Domestic Product

Ans: Net National Product (C)

39. In 1939 Subash Chandra Bose was elected as President of the Congress Party defeating
(A) Jawaharlal Nehru
(B) Pattabhi Sitharamayya
(C) Maulana Abul Kalam Azad
(D) V.B.Patel

Ans: Pattabhi Sitharamayya (B)

40. Ice is packed in sawdust because
(A) sawdust will no get melted easily
(B) sawdust is a poor conductor of heat
(C) sawdust does not stick to the ice
(D) sawdust is a good conductor of heat

Ans: sawdust is a poor conductor of heat (B)

41. Jallianwala incident took place at
(A) Amritsar
(B) Lucknow
(C) Allahabad
(D) Surat

Ans: Amritsar (A)

42. Animal Protein is called first-class protein because it is
(A) delicious in taste
(B) cheaper in the market
(C) easily digestible
(D) rich in essential amino acids

Ans: rich in essential amino acids (D)

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