How to Install Anaconda Python for Machine Learning [Jupyter Notebook]

Install Anaconda Python for Machine Learning:

(1) This blog will teach how to download and install Anaconda Python for Machine Learning on Windows. Note: Python is inbuilt in Anaconda.

(2) Go to your browser and type in the search bar “Download Anaconda” as shown below. or You can also directly go to the official website by clicking here Anaconda Distribution.

anaconda distribution

(3) After that click on the Anaconda Distribution Download button for windows. OR you can also download it from the bottom of the page as shown below.

Anaconda Distribution Download button


anaconda installers

(4) Now the Anaconda is downloaded. Go to the folder where it is downloaded.

anaconda software is downloaded

(5) Now double-click on the Anaconda software. The computer asks “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?” Click on Yes. Then below interface opens and click on the Next button as shown below.

anaconda setup

(6) Now click on the I Agree button to accept the License Agreement.

anaconda License Agreement

(7) In the Select Installation Type window, select the Just Me option and press the Next button.

Select Installation Type in Anaconda

(8) In Choose Install Location window, you see the Destination Folder option where you want to install it. I will remain it default and press the Next button.

anaconda destination folder

(9) Now select the second option, and click on the Install button.

install anaconda software

(10) Now the installation began as shown below. Installation takes around 10-15 minutes.

anaconda installation began

(11) Once the installation gets complete, click on the Next button.

Anaconda Installation Complete

(12) Again press the Next button.

anaconda install complete

(13) Tick the checkbox if you want to learn more about Anaconda and then click on the Finish button.

anaconda installation finish

(14) In the windows search bar type Anaconda Prompt and open it.

Anaconda Prompt

(15) In order to check the Python version, write the following command in Anaconda Prompt.

anaconda check python version

(16) If you want to get Anaconda Information, write the following command in Anaconda Prompt.

conda info command

(17) In Anaconda Prompt, write jupyter notebook command to open it. Your jupyter notebook opens in the web browser as shown below. If you have installed more than one browser, then the system asks you in which browser you have to open it.

jupyter notebook command
jupyter open in browser

(18) Jupyter Notebook provides the option to create a new Python file. You can also create a new text file, folder, and terminal as shown below.

jupyter notebook create new file

(19) You can also rename or move or delete the file or folder by selecting it as shown below.

rename or move or delete in jupyter

(20) When we click on the New button on the right side, the drop-down list opens as shown in step 18. You can create a new Python file by simply clicking on the Python option. After that, a new browser tab opens. Click on the Untitled field and rename it.

rename python file in jupyter

(21) New Python File is renamed as shown below.

python file in jupyter renamed

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