Conscience- Synonyms, Antonyms, and Sentences

Synonyms and Antonyms For Conscience:

Conscience Meaning- Refers to an inner sense of right and wrong that guides a person’s thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Conscience Definition- The term “conscience” refers to an individual’s inner moral sense or awareness of right and wrong. It is a cognitive and emotional process that helps people make judgments about their actions, guiding them to behave in ways that align with their values, beliefs, and ethical principles.

Synonyms For Conscience:
Antonyms For Conscience:
Conscience Sentence Examples:

My conscience wouldn’t allow me to keep the money I found, so I returned it to its rightful owner.

Parliament is the mind and conscience of a democracy.

Catherine followed her conscience and stood up for what she believed was right, even though it was difficult.

The Gandhian influence in some way still speaks to the conscience of the world as nations grapple with international problems.

Her conscience was clear because she had always treated others with kindness and respect.

The guilty man’s conscience haunted him, causing him sleepless nights and overwhelming guilt.

In order to clear one’s conscience, one has to introspect honestly and objectively, to identify one’s errant action that is causing disquiet.

The philanthropist donated a significant portion of her wealth to charity, driven by her strong conscience to help those in need.

He couldn’t live with himself knowing he had caused harm, so he did everything in his power to make things right and ease his troubled conscience.

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